Premium Whisky Tours in Hobart


We have taken over 3,000 whisky enthusiasts to Tasmania’s southern distilleries, giving them the opportunity to meet the distillers, get behind the scenes, taste spirit direct from the stills and sip whisky straight from the cask. Join us. $299pp.

Drink Tasmania’s FULL DAY WHISKY TOUR departs from Hobart and gives you the opportunity to visit 3 distilleries in a single day, to taste up to a dozen Tasmanian single malt whiskies and spirits, to meet the whisky makers and to go behind the scenes of the distillation process. All while being guided and driven through spectacular Tasmanian landscapes from the Coal Valley to the Southern Midlands to the Tasmanian Highlands. We will visit different distilleries on different days of the week depending on availability, however we will always ensure we create the best and most diverse experience available for our guests on any given day.

Tour Inclusions

  • Tea/coffee on arrival + breakfast whisky

  • visit 3 Tasmanian distilleries

  • Full tour and whisky tastings with distillery staff

  • 12+ spirit tastings, including tastings direct from the still and casks where available

  • Fresh seasonal Tasmanian produce lunch (included)

  • Meet the distillers / industry-led tour guide

  • Travel in air-conditioned van

  • Bottle purchases available on the day

We begin our day at Brooke Street Pier with introductions and a little history of Tasmanian whisky over tea/coffee, and a ‘breakfast’ whisky before heading out to our first distillery.

We will visit 3 of the 8 following distilleries:

Awarded World’s Best Single Malt Whisky at the World Whisky Awards in London in 2014, Sullivans Cove is perhaps the most sought-after Tasmanian whisky. Located in Cambridge, whisky enthusiasts now travel the globe to visit this location which is all about the spirit and the barrels. You’ll meet the distillers, tour the distillery and bond store and of course taste their award winning whiskies.

Located in the picturesque Coal River Valley, Lark is the original Tasmanian whisky, founded by Bill Lark who in 2015 was inducted into the World Whisky Hall of Fame. Also home to the Overeem Distillery, here we will see the whole process from brewing, gristing and peat-smoking the barley right through to distillation. Lark is a whisky-fanatic’s haven and you’ll see why as you taste the product the whole way through from the fermenters, the stills, the casks and the bottles.

A full paddock to bottle experience, Old Kempton Distillery (formerly known as Redlands Distillery) grows their own barley on site and is located at the historic Dysart House in Kempton. Begun as a passion project of Bill Lark, the first Old Kempton whisky releases are now slowly making their way out of the bondstore and onto the cellar door shelves. Not just whisky, but gin, schnapps, liquors and other distillations, this is a distinctly Tasmanian experience and also our lunch location; showcasing fabulous fresh Tasmanian fare, prepared by the house chef with regional produce.

Arguably the most memorable distillery experience you are ever likely to have! Head-distiller Peter Bignell is a 4th generation farmer who built and operates perhaps the greenest distillery on the planet. He grows his own rye, barley, spelt, wheat and other grains on site for his whiskies and other spirits. He has built his own peat-smoker and stills, and never ceases to amaze with his inventions and new-world techniques. He is affectionately known as a Renaissance Distiller and one visit to the property will show you why! The finished products are delicious and are served by high-end bars all over the country.

Purpose built on an 1819 property, Shene Distillery is fast becoming one of the most impressive distilleries and locations in the state. Head distiller Damien Mackey began distilling in 2007 on a small scale, and in 2016 upscaled to Shene Estate with the release of his triple distilled Irish-style whisky and multi award winning Poltergeist gin. The Mackey and Kernke families are building a solid cult-following for their highly sought-after spirits. We’ll meet the owners and distillers and spend time learning the craft as part of our experience on site.

Located at Port Arthur, on occasion we’ll visit McHenry for what is undoubtedly the best view from any distillery. Tucked away on 100 acres with its own natural springs, this distillery has the purest water for making whisky and you’ll see why when you taste their fabulous gin and whisky on site with the distillers themselves.

When available, Rex is a fantastic host, always willing to let guests be involved with distilling and whatever is taking place in the distillery on the day. From sloe-gin to Rex’s own creation of sloe-malt and future whisky production, including from a corn-mash, this is one very exciting place to visit, just outside of Sorrell.

Located in the picturesque town of Bothwell, and arguably the most beautiful setting of any of Tasmania’s distilleries, we are delighted to be able to take our guests once again to Nant Distillery. Under new management since 2017, and set to undergo further expansion, Nant has always made spectacular whisky and is a great place to try Port, Sherry and Bourbon cask whiskies side-by-side and if that’s not enough, you’ll get to try one at cask strength as well!

Tasmania’s renewed whisky industry is now over 25 years old with around 40 distilleries operating and producing spirits on the island. With demand for Tasmanian whisky far-outstripping available supply, 18 distilleries have so-far released aged whisky to the market and more are expected to be released with each passing year. With natural advantages of pure clean mountain water, cool climate conditions and fields of barley and peat, this boutique industry is now being heralded for creating some of the finest single malt whiskies being produced anywhere in the world today.


Private tours can also be booked by request any day of the week.

“It’s not just about tasting whisky… It’s about really sinking your teeth into what it’s like to be part of the breakthrough whisky industry in Tassie. As an Aussie, it’ll leave you feeling quite proud of not only this relatively new industry…but also proud of what Tassie has to offer the world.”

Ellen from Queensland, via Tripadvisor.

Current Itinerary:


  • Brooke St Pier

  • Sullivans Cove

  • Old Kempton Distillery

  • Belgrove Distillery

  • Lark Cellar Door


  • Brooke St Pier

  • Lark and Overeem or Nant Distillery

  • Old Kempton Distillery

  • Shene Estate

  • Lark Cellar Door

Every Friday and Sunday. Check the calendar for upcoming available dates. There may be other days of the week listed on a month-by-month basis due to industry changes. Private tours also available. Approximately 8 hours.

Brooke St Pier, Franklin Wharf, Hobart, 9am. You will meet your guide on the wooden ramp.
End of Tour: approximately 5:30pm at Lark Cellar Door, 14 Davey St, Hobart (just 2 mins around the corner from Brooke Street Pier).
Approximately 5:30pm at Lark Cellar Door, 14 Davey St, Hobart (just 2 mins around the corner from Brooke Street Pier).

Maximum 11 guests per tour (contact us for information on larger groups). Minimum 4 guests required to run a tour, though booking for less are of course welcome.

Please dress appropriately for the occasion, while it may appear warm in Hobart, the weather can change throughout the day, so please ensure to bring warm clothes, comfortable shoes and your camera!

Please note, while this is our usual itinerary, the order may change slightly due to industry operations. Start times are fixed, however end of tour times can change slightly depending upon traffic and other factors. 

It truly makes me proud to see the way our Whisky industry has grown since 1992 with so many distilleries all producing wonderful spirit and in such an environment of friendship and collegiality. This has certainly resulted in a huge increase in visitors and Whisky enthusiasts seeking to discover for themselves what all the excitement is about. We are so fortunate to be able to recommend Drink Tasmania to look after visitors to Tasmania on a journey of discovery. Brett has a passion and an in-depth understanding of our spirits and the distilleries like no other. The feedback from his guests is rewarding to hear and accordingly we welcome his guests with open arms. His tours are as much a part of the industry as the distilleries themselves.”

Bill Lark, Godfather of Tasmanian whisky.
Since 2013 we have taken over 4000 guests to visit distillers and wine-makers in Southern Tasmania