Tasmanian gin distilleries are winning awards left, right and center and their products are becoming globally renowned for clean spirit and unique flavours.  We want to showcase the best drinks on offer in our island home, so the Drink Tasmania team have developed not one, but TWO Boutique Tasmanian Gin Tour routes which are now live and ready for bookings!
  • TOUR #1 – Tasman Peninsula – Available on Wednesdays and Fridays

    • Brooke St Pier

    • Nonesuch or Spring Bay Distillery

    • Hellfire Bluff Distillery

    • Bangor Vineyard (lunch & wine tasting)

    • McHenry Distillery

    • Gold Bar – Cocktail to finish

  • TOUR #2 – Southern Midlands – Available on Sundays

    • Brooke St Pier

    • Shene Estate

    • Old Kempton Distillery (gin and whisky tasting + lunch)

    • 7K Distillery

    • Gold Bar – Cocktail to finish

If you love gin and want to travel through spectacular Tasmanian scenery visiting distilleries, meeting the makers and enjoy tastings of specialty spirits please join us.
For more information see HERE.